Tips on “how to give a good presentation”

Ok so when you tell someone that you have a presentation ready , the first thing that comes to mind is either:

Oh No it’s gonna be boring :-(

or Yes! meditation / daydream time :-)

First tip; don’t say presentation, say something like “I’ve been busy working on this idea and I would like to get your opinion.” Or “I’ve got something to show you that you will find interesting.” this gets the audience willing to give you a few minutes of thier attention and if you do it well then you can get more.

So now you’ve got about three to five minutes of slack try not to burn them. The first thing you  want to do is prove that you are going to talk about something interesting and not give out death by PowerPoint.

Second tip; start by doing or saying something that is not expected get the attention of your audience. For example connect to the screen using PicaScreen, and you could say “as technology evolves one must stay on top of it.”

Now it’s the minutes of truth are you going to bore them to death or are you going to carry them to a new idea? you’re now under a test and you as a whole must show confidence, friendliness and professionalism.

Third tip; Tell a story. People need to connect in their minds to your idea. You need to take them through a thought process that leads to the point where you can say and that’s why we can do …this and  that… So the thought pattern might be “what is the challenge”, then an example that they can relate to, following by the solution.

These three steps are in my opinion the most important of your presentation and you should aim at no more than 5-8 slides and about 5 minutes or less. If you did this well then you will have the attention and time to prove and strengthen your view point. but do this wrong and it is basically over, you’ll have to work hard to effectively influence your audience.

Fourth tip; Use pictures and few words if any on your slides, don’t forget that a presentation is to help the presenter put through the idea. Never write complete sentences on a slide. you want people engaged with your voice your energy and not reading a slide. The slide should be as engaging, imaginative and emotional as you need it to be to get to the point.

Fifth tip; Keep your energy up through the whole presentation even if you are asked a hard question, smile and think energy.  Engage your audience, ask questions and think about it, the best thing that can happen is for the audience to be engaged to ask questions, don’t be afraid to go with them but keep focused that it is in the direction of what you want; if not find a way to come back.

Sixth tip; have notes, write down your scripts and practice what you want to say. Print out your slides with note view.

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