Presenting PowerPoint Presentations

Presenting PowerPoint presentations with PicaScreen is fast, simple and fun.

To Present PowerPoint presentations using PicaScreen follow these steps:

the upload is currently from Dropbox we will add other cloud storage solutions soon.

1. On your Phone open the PicaScreen app, press “New” then press “Presentation” and choose from your Dropbox folder the ppt or pptx file that you want to upload.*

2. Now you can proceed like a normal presentation on the app.
On your presentation screen go to

3. On the app press “show now”┬áthen press “Scan the QR code” or “send a link”**and wait for the presentation to start.

*we recomen that you load the presentation beforhand becouse it takes a few minutes to process. once loaded it is ready to go without waiting.

**If you send a link wait for the viewers to open the link before moving to the next slide.
If you want to add a new viewer you must return to the first slide for the viewer to press the link and then continue. (We will fix this soon)

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