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Let me share a Friday morning meeting I had:

I went to get some feedback on the PicaScreen pitch from a good friend who is a high level marketing executive.

When I walked into his office he said: I see you didn’t bring a PC, and asked me if I brought a DiskonKey with the presentation on it.

I asked him if he would really want me to stick a DiskonKey in his machine? If he isn’t afraid of get a virus or Trojan horse.

He said “now that you mention it, of course I’d rather not, but I trust you and you didn’t bring a PC”.

I replied that I am thankful fpr the trust that we have between us but that I might not know that I am carrying a bug on my DiskonKey .

Anyways that is not the way I present PowerPoint anymore. I use the PicaScreen app on my phone :-)

I then proceeded to show him the presentation with our PicaScreen app, as a live demo.

I connected to his PC’s screen through the PicaScreen app and showed him the presentation.

The feedback was excellent; I got some really useful tips and an offer to work with the company’s IT dep. to see if they can become an early adopter of our technology.

Have a great weekend everyone
Sivan Bender
Co-Founder CEO
PicaScreen “Changing the way we meet”

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